Increase The Value Of Your Home

Professionally installed and maintained interlock enhances the image of your home and increases its value.

Keep Your Interlock Looking Great

Pressure Washing, Sanding and Sealing removes weeds, stains and brings back the natural colours of the stones.

Great Investment

Interlock is easier to maintain than other types of coating, including asphalt, keeping the cost of maintenance low over the years.

Get Creative

When it comes to design, no material compares to interlock. There are endless variations of sizes, shapes and colours available

Pressure Washing, Sanding and Sealing

We give new life to your interlock by getting rid of all the stains, dirt and weeds from and between the stones, filling the gaps with polymeric sand and applying the highest quality seal to bring out and preserve the natural colours.

Interlock Re-leveling and Maintenance

Over time, it is natural for the stones to lose stability, sink, go in waves, etc.. Let our re-leveling experts take care of any of these issues and ensure that every stone is aligned the way it should be.

Interlock Installation

Interlock gives your property a luxurious look and feel and is easier to maintain over the years than pavement or concrete. We offer a wide variety of colours, sizes, shapes and patterns to suit your taste and your landscape.

What Our Clients Say


A brilliant service from start to finish, we really enjoyed having them be apart of our household for the time they were building the garden.The guys were fantastic and always there to share their knowledge throughout.

John Oakville

A very efficient team of landscapers, from first consultation to finishing touches the guys spun it around very quickly for me as they knew I had a strict deadline to adhere to. Many thanks and will work with again.

Ryan North York

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